Monthly Archives: April 2011

How to Compete Against Lowballers

As accounting firms struggle to deal with a recession-induced loss of clients, as well as stiffer competition, some are resorting to “lowballing” — reducing fees…

How Much Should Your Firm Spend on Marketing?

If your firm felt the recession’s sting as well, you may be looking for ways to prop up your bottom line. But at some point, cutting your marketing budget will adversely affect revenue growth. So, as the economy recovers, how do you decide how much to allocate to your firm’s marketing function?

100 Posts and Just Getting Started

SurePayroll has reached its 100th blog post! Celebrate with us and see how our posts can help you run your business, your payroll and more.

March 2011 Scorecard Video

What happened as gas prices rose while the small business economy remained fragile? Find out in the March 2011 Scorecard.

Hiring an Intern: Worth the Time?

Hiring interns has as many pitfalls as it does perks. Our own Tracy Toth shares her 3 tips to determine if interns are worth your while.