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Strategies in Increasing Client Referrals

Looking to increase your business leads? Who isn’t? The best kind of lead is one that comes through a referral. While accountants always welcome referrals,…

How to Navigate Virtual Events

Tradeshows and events often require a lot of running around in order to visit all the seminars, displays, colleagues and vendors you want to see.…

3 Strange Payroll Laws

It’s your responsibility to know and follow payroll laws - even strange ones - as defined on both the state and federal levels.

July 2011 Scorecard Video

Small business hiring and pay on the national level continued its monthly decrease, according to July’s SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard, and small business owner optimism plummeted.
Nanny Payroll Part 4: Federal Income Taxes

Nanny Payroll Part 4: Federal Income Taxes

According to IRS Publication 926, collecting your nanny’s federal income taxes is completely optional. But what if your nanny asks you to withhold it, and you agree?