3 Ways to Make Meetings more Exciting

Regardless of the purpose, meetings are typically far from exciting. Instead, employees dread getting together with their colleagues in a formal session.

Are you tired of looking around the meeting room and seeing nothing more than bored faces? If so, it is time to spice things up.

Here are three ways to make meetings more exciting in the future:

1. Get rid of the chairs. It is safe to say that most employees sit at a desk, hour after hour, plugging away. The last thing they want to do is go to a meeting, just to sit down once again.

Why not do away with the chairs? Let everybody stand up. This can go a long way in increasing energy levels and enhancing creativity.

2. Leave the conference room behind. Do you schedule every meeting for the same conference room? If possible, mix things up from time to time. Maybe you can take your meeting outdoors if the weather cooperates. Maybe you can call a meeting at a local restaurant or coffee shop, depending on the size of the group. Think creatively.

3. Add refreshments. This may not be something you do for every meeting, but every now and again it is a welcomed treat. For example, if you are meeting early in the morning maybe you can arrange for some bagels, donuts and coffee to be served. Nothing big, just something that will bring a bit of excitement to the meeting. This will get people looking forward to the meeting, while also keeping them energized from beginning to end.

What good is a meeting if nobody is paying attention? Do you really want to force others to sit through something they are dreading?

With the above advice, you can make every meeting more exciting. This will improve employee morale while increasing the productivity of the get-together.

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