Small Business Hiring Up Nationwide

Small Business Hiring Up Nationwide

The small business hiring pictured brightened in August. The SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard showed a 0.1 percent jump in hiring, the first such nationwide increase of 2014.

What caused the increase? Part of it may be due to the increasing profitability of small businesses, as they’ve managed to grow their businesses through technology and innovation. Optimism also hit 70 percent, showing small business owners’ confidence in the economy.

Other findings from the SurePayroll optimism survey include the following:

  • 22% are more likely to hire an independent contractor than a full-time worker.
  • 36% are not looking to hire.
  • 37% of those more likely to hiring contractors said it is easier to assign a specific task to a 1099 than develop a full-time position.
  • 73% of those more likely to hire full-time employees said it was because they wanted someone committed to their business.

For the full small business picture, check out our infographic below:

August2014 Scorecard

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