Build a Facebook Following for Free

Build a Facebook Following for Free

There are many experts touting a variety of ways to build a following. Some take a grassroots approach and suggest starting with who you know as the best way, while others suggest buying likes and promoting your page using advertising. There are mixed reviews on whether buying likes and advertising work well; therefore, we will focus on methods that do not require an outlay of cash resources but rather a consistent small investment of time.

Methods to engage others

  • On your website install the Facebook Like widget box that links to your Facebook company page.
  • Cross-promote by connecting your Twitter account to your Facebook profile.
  • Ask friends to like your company page. Make it easy for friends to like your page. Send those who have accepted your friend request a personal message thanking them for the connection. In that message ask them to please like your page, and provide the hyperlink for your Facebook company page.
  • Use your eNewsletter to ask those who receive it to like your company page.
  • Comment on other people’s statuses to increase your visibility to others.
  • Post and share your collateral and content (i.e., newsletters, articles, blog postings, brochures, etc.). Great content will make it easy for others to become fans of your Facebook page.
  • Share content from others (articles, blog postings, videos, images, etc.). Writing their name in the status alerts them to your mention.
  • Update frequently with a variety of meaningful content. Consistently being in front of your followers will increase your exposure, causing followers to pay attention and “like” you more. It is important to post a variety of content, alternating between all-text posts, links and images.
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