How to Appeal to Gen Y Employees

A couple generations ago, workers may have thought nothing of dressing up for work every day, grinding away at their desks until six or seven in the evening, and then taking a long train ride home. But today’s new generation of employees are seeking a bit more balance in their workplaces. They may not expect Google or Facebook, but according to a new survey, Brill Street + Company of Chicago’s Top 50 Generation Y Employers, they want the workplace to be fun, collaborative and challenging.

The Brill Street surv
ey looked at professional development opportunities, benefits, environment, company reputation and culture, perks offered and the enthusiasm of company leadership and Gen Y employees.

The survey found things like accessibility of public transportation, flexibility and the opportunity to determine their own career path.

Read more about all of the companies listed in the Gen Y Top 50, and why SurePayroll made the list.

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