The 5 Best Ways to Exercise at Work

I never have time to exercise. If I didn’t have to spend so much time at the office, I would be able to workout so much more. Do these complaints sound familiar? If so, you are in the same position as millions of other people.

You will probably never be in position to quit your job, just so you can workout all day to look and feel your best. That being said, you can have the best of both worlds. Do you know how?

If you have never given any thought to exercising at work, you may be missing out on something that can make you feel better while transforming your body.

Here are five of the best (and easiest) ways to exercise at work.

1. Walking. This is easy enough, right? During your break, no matter how long it may be, take a walk as opposed to sitting at your desk and snacking on candy or browsing the internet.

2. Calf raises. No matter if you are standing at the fax machine, waiting on a meeting to start, or talking on the phone, you can complete a set of calf raises. Do this a couple times a day and you will soon find your calf muscles looking more defined than ever before.

3. Don’t cheat, take the stairs. Although you may have access to an elevator, you are avoiding a great opportunity to exercise if you jump on board and tap the button for your floor. Why not take the stairs? It may take longer but it is clearly one of the best ways to exercise at work.

4. Chair dips. Let’s face it: this may not be something you want others to see you doing. Additionally, it is not something you should do while you are supposed to be working. However, during break time, if you have a stable chair in your office, you can do a set or two of chair dips. Your triceps will thank you for it later!

5. Muscle clenches. This is an exercise you can do while sitting or standing at work. Best yet, nobody will ever know (unless you make a funny face).

Even if you don’t implement all five of these ideas, you should be able to settle on a couple that allow you to effectively exercise at work.

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