Top 5 Tips to Increase the Long-term Loyalty of Your Best Customers

1. Give incredibly good customer service. Thoughtful, timely and responsive customer service goes a long way.

2. Always over-deliver. At a bare minimum, meet the needs of your client, then go the extra mile and deliver above and beyond their expectations.

3. Do unto others. Clients long to be treated like human beings, not billable work. Lead by example and take care to teach your staff how to help and converse with clients in the way they would want to be helped.

4. Be genuinely honest, transparent and sincere. Clients appreciate honest transparent communication. For example, if you believe something will not work well for them, say so and explain your reasoning. More importantly, if you make an error, own up to it.

5. Listen and take time to educate clients. As you listen and converse more, you will learn more about each client. Rather than telling them what they need today or in the future, educate them and help them make decisions based on their expanded knowledge.

Authored by: SurePayroll

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