Yahoo! Ends Work from Home Policy, Should You?

Yahoo! Ends Work from Home Policy, Should You?

Under the leadership of new CEO Marissa Mayer, Yahoo has decided to stop allowing employees to work from home. It’s been reported that several hundred Yahoo employees were working from home full time, but the belief is that having everyone in the office fosters innovation. While some studies have found working remotely is good for creativity, being in the office is better for innovation. It allows for collaboration and the exchange of ideas in the lunchroom or around the cubicles.

Still, in many companies, it’s become an expected perk. It can be especially beneficial for working mothers trying to juggle family and career. It also saves on real estate costs for employers and commuting costs for employees.

The drawbacks, though, are obvious. Chief among them, how do you know your employees are actually working? They could be respond to email with their phones while they get the oil changed on the car, pick up groceries and have lunch with friends.

And if you can’t get in touch with an employee working from home, and there’s an emergency, you can find yourself out of luck.

So what do you do? Which approach is best for your business? Take our poll on the right side of the page.



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