How to Grow Your Facebook Audience #socialmedia

How to Grow Your Facebook Audience #socialmedia

Everyday your website attracts new visitors. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of your visitors convert into customers or engage with your brand through social media.

Our “instructographic” below will show you exactly how to turn those lost visitors into engaged Facebook fans. You’ll learn how to take advantage of Facebook’s huge user base by directly targeting advertising or content to people who have visited your website, used your app or signed up for an email list. And then on top of that, you can target similar or “lookalike” users with similar characteristics.

You’ll also learn how to set up a campaign aimed at getting likes on your Facebook page.

Our Facebook Ads setup is easy to implement, and turning an abandoned visit to your website into a fan of your brand is a great growth hack for any small business.

See how it’s done in step-by-step detail.


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Authored by: Stefan Schumacher

Stefan Schumacher is the editor of The Payroll Blog. He has 10 years of experience as a journalist, including as a producer for syndicated radio, a newspaper reporter and editor, and a trade magazine writer and editor. If you're interested in guest blogging for The Payroll Blog or would like to use any of our content, email You can also connect with Stefan on Google Plus.

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  1. Soumya at 12:24 pm

    Stefan, this is one of the best info-graphic I have seen till date. Nice, engaging, colorful and indeed informative. It is a real “instructographic” in true sense.

    Now coming to the topic, do you really think FB Likes matter for businesses? Yes, if it is targeted & organic then it can make a bit differences but at what cost, that is the question.

    I personally run a small business and professionally I am an optimizer and I do believe that Facebook is becoming more vague and money centric. Facebook can be a good medium for a big company where they can put lots of money, resources and man hours but for a small company FB has nothing more to offer. FB is good for branding, engagements and reputation building but it can be done organically though it takes long time.
    But anyway thanks for the share and thumbs up to your efforts.

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