Post, Pin & Tweet: The Best Time to Outreach

Post, Pin & Tweet: The Best Time to Outreach

When it comes to engaging with your social media following, timing is of the essence. Knowing when to share a link may spell the difference between an Internet sensation and a big letdown. Knowing when the most users are in front of their computer and primed to share your content, can be tricky. Our infographic provides you with the best times and the worst times to post on social media platforms.

We’ve included a list of tools dedicated to helping you get your content scheduled and posted at the best time. These tools will help you customize the general guidelines in our infographics and tailor them to your specific audience.

For Google+ check out Timing+, which will analyze your historical data and suggest impactful times to share content. Facebook has a great tool called Insights, which gives a massive amount of information about your audience. Including the best days and times to post. Tweriod analyzes your tweets and your follower’s tweets to provide you with an optimized posting schedule. Buffer makes scheduling and posting to your social media profiles incredibly simple.

These free tools combined with the data from our infographic will help you optimize your social media channels for the best time to outreach.

social media post times infographic

Timing your social media posts is not an exact science, and you’ll have to experiment. However, when it comes to running payroll, you have to be accurate and on time. Learn more about payroll services from SurePayroll.

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  4. Shawn Savage at 1:26 pm

    Is that 9 AM EST? Does that mean I have to make several post of the same content throughout for the different time zones? I think Google actually flags multiple post with similar content. I am asking because my audience is not centered in one time zone.

    God Bless, Shawn

    • SurePayroll at 3:43 pm

      Hi Shawn, the majority of studies we looked at did not specify a time zone, but the Bitly study does note it was conducted on EST. We feel their findings should translate across time zones. However, we recommend testing at your local time in your time zone and then adjusting post times depending on your results. Some of the free tools we listed can be helpful in adjusting and tweaking the posting times to your specific needs.

  5. Solo Mama at 1:20 am

    I usually post between the hours of 8a-11a CST and that seems to help reach people outside my timezone for both East & West coasts.

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  7. Lesli Baar at 4:43 pm

    You provided code to embed the infographics on another website. Can I get permission to use some of the info graphics in an web lecture that will be posted internally in my company?

    Thank you,

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