Why Do Online Shoppers Leave Without Paying?

Why Do Online Shoppers Leave Without Paying?

The joy of shopping online for many people is just how easy it is to complete your order. On sites like Amazon.com, you can checkout with one click. When you can quickly look over what you’ve selected, see the total and make your purchase happen instantaneously it can make you more likely to buy from an e-commerce site. Just because the experience is so pleasant.

However, many online shoppers end up abandoning their virtual shopping carts, because they are confused about what do next, surprised by hidden costs, the website crashed or it took too long. E-commerce sites lose nearly $20 billion because of shopping cart abandonment each year.

So if you’re running your own e-commerce business, you want to optimize the checkout process as best you can. You want to convert all of your shoppers into sales. Reducing shopping cart abandonment is a great way to do it.

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Authored by: Stefan Schumacher

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  1. Sohana at 2:05 am

    Nice blog very informative. With online shopping you don’t have to deal with bad traffic as well as you don’t have to put up with sales staff. one very good advantages for me is that you can easily compare product or price with online shopping.

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